Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best Micro Integrations that improve your customer experience and revenue gains.

How do we do this? With affordable, fast, and secure service.

Our Story

We put the customer first.

In 2016 Sam knew there must be a better way to connect marketing and sales mavericks to the data they need in the tools they use every day.
Soon, this vision became a reality, and Stoke Data was created in 2017 with partners to support and grow that vision. From creating a content mapping interface with pipeline sales info threaded throughout…to finding a better, automated id sync to achieve customer personalization to each web page and touchpoint, Datajoin (our name changed in 2022) is dedicated to helping marketing and sales teams succeed.

As we took time to build out our vision in 2018, we looked at client and customer use cases, relied on the “Jedi Way,” and enjoyed listening to our client needs as we innovated. Our teams collaborated on the plans, and soon grew the concept of micro integrations, which is essentially connecting the right data in the right context—automated into the tools of choice—to allow clients to provide their customers the best experience every time.

This journey to bring you micro integrations for success was full of highs and lows throughout 2019-2022, and like many small businesses, we almost lost everything due to Covid-19 shutdowns and business plan slowdowns. Fortunately, with teamwork, good clients, and a lot of patience (and fishing), we have now grown to over 12 micro integrations and many happy, global clients.

So, what’s next? Look for new faces, new successes with our clients, and now, a new name!

Our Team

Sam Fonoimoana

Founder and CEO

Nate Jackson

Head of Development and Customer Experience 

Marcel Stefanini

VP of Marketing

Noah Fonoimoana

Marketing Manager

Danielle Mossman

Project Manager

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