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We’ve been searching for a way to connect Salesforce data into Adobe Analytics for a while. We almost gave up hope of solving this in a fast, automated way until we came across Datajoin Micro Integration. We now have the visibility we’ve been looking for right inside of Analysis Workplace

Greg Tufano

Head of digital analytics

Three Key Impacts


Increased trust from stakeholders



Marketing Closed-loop visibility inside of Adobe Analytics


Optimization and personalization superior to the competition 

Implementation Details

The Challenge: Knowing Visitors

Viasat The AppDynamics team was looking for a solution that could give them more data about their visitors inside of Adobe Analytics. They were already collecting user/visitor data inside of Salesforce such as:

  •  – Account Name 
  •  – Job Title
  •  – Customer Status
  •  – Industry 
  •  – Various Lead Statuses

They wanted to take these valuable data points and integrate them back in Adobe Analytics onto visitor profiles. This would allow them to have 1) better personalization and 2) demonstrate the down funnel impacts of their marketing and content efforts in a quantifiable way.

The Solution: Datajoin Integration

The AppDynamics team reached out to Datajoin to explore their Micro Integration between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Adobe Analytics. The team was impressed with the ease of use, low Salesforce requirements and the ability of this integration to focus in on the exact data AppDynamics wanted to see from Salesforce-directly inside of Adobe Analytics. After internal review, AppDynamics selected Datajoin for the integration.

The Result: Personalization 2.0 and Influence 2.0

With the Micro Integration in place – their valuable Salesforce data now inside of Adobe Analytics tied to the visitor – and automated to update daily. The AppDynamics team is now able to create more hyper-targeted segments than ever. With both Salesforce and web data centralized inside of Adobe Analytics, the team has become an influential group within the company for closed-loop reporting.

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