Adobe Analytics Clickstream Data Integrated into Marketo

We are finally seeing our behavioral clickstream data from Adobe Analytics flowing directly into Marketo. We’re now able to create better smartlists and campaigns based on exact customer need!

- Marketing Automation MAnager

Three Key Impacts


Actionable Behavior Data

We decreased cart abandoned rate by 20% which equals $M100+ in pipeline generation.


Marketing Visibility

We now have full capability to know how we can help our e-commerce clients complete online purchase faster with more upsell.


Full-touch Attribution

We get better intent data with granular insights that drive prospects at a faster, higher conversion rate.

Implementation Details

The Solution for this Leading Health Company

A global provider of technologies and services that advance and accelerate the development and manufacture of therapeutics, implemented the Datajoin Integration for Adobe Analytics and Marketo to finally see all behavioral web activity right in Marketo so they can activate smart lists and e-commerce intiatives.

The Task: Decreasing Form Abandons and Gaining Full Behavioral Clickstream Visibility

The key company initiative was to find better ways to help save customers who abandon quote forms. The team also wanted a complete view of PDF downloads to better serve e-commerce efforts and personalization across the customer journey.

The Challenge: Seeing Beyond Page Views In Marketo

In order to meet this task, the team was searching for a way to measure more than just page views in Marketo. Starting the form, completing a form and downloading a pdf were all events that were beyond munchkin tracking capabilities (at scale). However, these events already had a rich history of being tracked in Adobe Analytics. The team tried several approaches to integrate the Adobe events into Marketo activities but were unsuccessful.

The Solution: Datajoin Integration

This company reached out to Datajoin to explore their integration offering between Adobe Analytics and Marketo. They was impressed with the scalability and flexibility of the integration which can perform 100% transfer of Adobe events into Marketo activities at the lead level. With the power of their integration, ease of implementation and the outstanding service of the Datajoin team, they selected our integration.

Full Behaviorial Clickstream Data Visibility in Marketo

With the integration in place, the team was finally able to see everything from specific PDF downloads to video views, to abandoned requests for quote forms. Today they can:

  • Save B2B form abandons which equates to millions of dollars of opportunity pipeline and e-Commerce sales

  • See full-touch attribution in Marketo to better improve the customer experience

  • Send this key data to sales via Marketo Sales Insights for faster and higher conversion rate closes

  • Vastly improve their lead scoring data with much better intent data

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