Knowing What Affects Your Experience Makes a Better Overall Pow Pow Day

Nate Jackson
May 15, 2021

A better overall pow-pow day comes from real time data at the source

I’m nutso about powder skiing. I’ll watch the weather as a storm rolls in, get the latest data from NOAA, and plan time accordingly to go catch the few glorious hours of floating on the ‘greatest snow on earth.’

I recently learned how an old-fashioned resort was upping its game on data to help skiers plan their trips.

Not just, hey, it snowed 15 inches today, but hey, it snowed this much every hour….

This is serious planning I can do at 10 p.m. the night before. But wait, even more details–you have temperature and snow density—is it champagne powder you are skiing, darling????

This real time hourly data helps me know when it’s worth heading up early the next morning (tickets are $120 bucks ya’ know) and fighting the traffic, and when it’s better to skip that and just go backcountry with the squirrels…

Why should it be any different with the way you treat your customers? The better you understand what info your customers want at each part of the journey, the better (and more loyal) that customer will be to you. And, the more immediate the purchase decision!

Start by knowing the real time data that can help drive decisions, and share that data immediately right in Salesforce with the sales team/agent who will be contacting the customer!

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