Stoke Data Releases Adobe Analytics + Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Nate Jackson
September 13, 2019

PROVO, UTAH, Sept. 20, 2019 — The 60-minute integration for Adobe Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics (AA+Dynamics) from Stoke Data is now available on the Adobe Exchange application marketplace. 

AA+Dynamics Integration from Stoke Data quickly connects lead status and contact attributes from a customer’s Dynamics CRM into Analysis Workspace in Adobe Analytics. For example, one result is more accurate insights around campaign traffic — which visitors become leads and how they progress through the sales funnel as they interact with digital touchpoints. 

“The integration we offer is a game changer,” said Sam Fonoimoana, founder of Stoke. “Our solution is the first of its kind and brings together valuable information from the top to the bottom of the marketing and sales funnels in about an hour instead of having it take months — if attempted at all.”

“This is a timely integration for Dynamics users to see full funnel insights directly in Analysis Workspace,” says Jeff Chasin, principal product manager for developer experience at Adobe. “Stoke Data’s solution makes the data integration process painless and delivers real-time data for marketing and sales teams to uncover their greatest opportunities while optimizing resources.”

In addition to seeing lead status on campaign traffic, Analytics users also can see that information in terms of pipeline and revenue. On the flip side, Dynamics users don’t know all the digital experiences their leads have. This integration provides accurate attribution to last touch, first touch — any touch.

Key benefits of AA+Dynamics Integration include:

  • Set up in one hour — Eliminate months of consulting and engineering with AA+Dynamics Integration that automatically stitches data from Dynamics into Adobe Analytics via a visitor ID pass-through and proprietary algorithm.

  • Track unlimited conversions — Track customer conversions through every step of the customer journey, from MQL and SQL to closed deals and revenue.

  • See more customer attributes — Don’t stop at tracking lead status. Look at multiple dimensions with the opportunity to select both lead and contact attributes, pipeline, and revenue.

  • Connect multiple CRMs — Many enterprises use many instances of a CRM across different departments and business units. The AA+Dynamics Integration can connect multiple CRM databases into Adobe Analytics for more robust customer understanding.

  • Receive automated daily updates to keep you and your teams informed.


An integration is also available for Salesforce CRM. The AA+SFDC Integration was released from Stoke Data in March and is also available on Adobe Exchange

More About Stoke

Stoke is a marketing analytics firm that offers data integrations, analytics strategy, reporting and predictive modeling. The company was founded by Sam Fonoimoana, an analytics expert with extensive analytics knowledge from data engineering to machine learning. Sam has helped companies such as DOMO, Franklin Sports, and Adobe connect their marketing efforts to revenue. Stoke clients include Adobe, Highmark Health, Pluralsight, Workfront, InMoment, SeaVees and Purple.

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