You Don’t Have to Fly Blind on Your SFDC Communities

Nate Jackson
May 11, 2021

I was watching a program on bats the other day and was reminded of how incredible they are at using echolocation to help them survive. Without echolocation they are quite literally flying blind.

I imagine that my friend Vivian from AARP was feeling a bit like she was flying blind after AARP revamped their customer service site. The site services over 38 million members in the US, so you can imagine how much data they had coming in. AARP had the right tools: Salesforce and Adobe Analytics, to give them all the data. However, Adobe Analytics can’t track site activity in Salesforce so there was a serious disconnect between the data being gathered and the actions to help customers within the context of their needs.

The Stoke integration allows these two programs to “talk” to each other, in a sense—connecting data in real-time that helps you better understand your customers needs. To learn more about how Stoke helped improve AARP’s customer experience and track site behavior check out the use case below:

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